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MOCE provides a broad range of services ranging from drafting to advanced level engineering to satisfy all your building hydraulic services design needs, but that is not all, our motto is: "Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders throughout all stages of any project is one of the crucial elements to achieve a high quality outcome and satisfaction to client".


We cover wide range of consulting services including design, documentation and reportage.


New Developments
Initial stage
  • Feasibility studies

  • Advisory services - spatial provisions for hydraulic services, equipment, code and regulatory requirements

  • Development applications (DA) services


Design stage
  • Sanitary Plumbing & Drainage

  • Stormwater & Sub-soil Drainage

  • Trade waste Drainage (pre-treatment)

  • Potable and Non-potable Water services (Hot, Cold, Warm, Rain)

  • Fit-to-Purpose Water Reticulation (Laboratory, Healthcare, Mechanical services)

  • Water Re-use and Recycling

  • Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel Protection

  • Natural Gas Reticulation

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

  • Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD)


Post-design stage
  • Construction phase advisory

  • Site inspections

  • Defects reportage

  • WAE documentation


Existing Buildings
  • Audits and reports

  • Code compliance assessment

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